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Trailbreaker : toujours un projet pour Enbridge et Montréal Pipe-lines

source information : The gazette-septembre 2011

Enbridge Pipelines Inc. is sensitively perplexing to make an finish run around a correct comment of a argumentative Trailbreaker plan to siren tarsands oil opposite Canada to Montreal and afterwards on to a United States, according to 3 Canadian and dual U.S. environmental groups.

The groups are filing a censure with a National Energy Board on Friday charging that by violation a plan down into smaller phases, starting with reversing a instruction of oil upsurge in an Ontario territory of a pipeline, Enbridge is perplexing to equivocate a full comment of a project.

Enbridge had put a Trailbreaker plan on reason dual years ago since of a mercantile climate. That plan would have used existent pipelines to boat tarsands oil from northern Alberta opposite Canada to Montreal, so that it could be shipped south to Portland, Maine. Currently, these pipelines move required oil from Portland to Montreal, and afterwards west.

But environmental groups are endangered that a plan is behind in waste form.

This month, Enbridge sought an grant from a territory of a National Energy Board Act for a plan a association calls “Line 9 Reversal Phase 1.”

The $17-million plan would retreat a instruction of wanton upsurge in a territory of tube from Sarnia to North Westover, nearby Cambridge, Ont. In a application, a association seeks an grant from certain supplies of a National Energy Board Act, observant “any intensity inauspicious environmental or socio-economic effects are not expected significant, and are outweighed by a benefits.”

The papers contend a plan is required “in sequence to accommodate business final of shippers.”

A orator for Portland-Montreal Pipeline told The Gazette Thursday that skeleton are underneath approach to retreat a upsurge of one of a Portland to Montreal pipelines as well.

The 5 environmental groups -Environmental Defence, a Pembina Institute, Équiterre, Vermont Natural Resources Council and a Natural Resources Council of Maine – are seeking a Energy Board to reject Enbridge’s ask on a drift that it would criticise a public’s and stakeholders’ ability to sufficient consider a altogether effects of a Trailbreaker project.

They contend a full examination of a Trailbreaker plan would inspect a atmosphere and H2O wickedness effects of enlightening tarsands oil during a Montreal Suncor refinery as good as refineries in Ontario, and force Enbridge to deliberate with First Nations groups, landowners and non-governmental organizations opposite Canada and in a U.S.

The groups are endangered about hothouse gas emissions, atmosphere wickedness and a intensity for spills in a pipeline. They note a Line 9 tube is comparatively old, built in 1975, and done of a same element used in pipelines that ruptured in Michigan final year and Alberta this year.

Steven Guilbeault of Équiterre pronounced Enbridge should be some-more pure about what it is perplexing to do, generally in Quebec, where a supervision has clearly settled a goal to revoke faith on oil.

If a Trailbreaker plan is allowed, Guilbeault said, some of a tarsands bitumen would be polished into petroleum during Montreal’s Suncor refinery. Refining bitumen produces 3 times a hothouse gas emissions as does enlightening required oil.

“Quebecers would now be enlivening a prolongation and expenditure of a dirtiest fuel on a planet. We should be operative to revoke oil dependency and a oil we bake should be as purify as possible. We would turn complicit and that goes opposite all we are perplexing to do in Quebec.”

Guilbeault pronounced a groups wish a National Energy Board to demeanour during a whole project, and consider effects on all a communities involved, including east-end Montreal, that already has an atmosphere wickedness problem.

“We feel it’s a bit inexpensive on a partial of Enbridge to try to hide around these critical issues,” he said.

A call to Enbridge was not returned, though a orator for a Portland Montreal Pipeline complement did endorse that skeleton are in a works to revitalise a thought of reversing a upsurge of oil between Portland and Montreal as well.

“We are carrying discussions with Enbridge on that subject and gauging a seductiveness of a attention in carrying us resume work on that project,” David Cyr said.


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